On-Premises Management Cost Saving Calculator

On-premises environments have often been built up over time in response to end user requests and many IT teams do not have the time to inspect and optimize these environments. This calculator shows ‘at a glance’ cost saving benefits of introducing a cloud management platform.

Simply add the number of virtual machines (VM) by vendor to understand how much value can be reclaimed through the elimination of VM sprawl and inefficiencies in on-premises environments.

An enterprise software company optimized 70 cloud accounts to save $1.5M in 10 weeks. See how much you could save...

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VMware vSphere
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Calculating On-Premises VM Total Cost of Ownership

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Small VM  
4GHz, 2GH RAM, 100GB Storage $1,607 USD
Med VM
4GHz, 2GH RAM, 100GB Storage $5,450 USD
Large VM
12GHz, 8GH RAM, 400GB Storage $8,025 USD
Average VM
Assumes even distribution $5,027 USD

Enter your exact per VM total cost of ownership: